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Incorporated in 2010, Birthrite Services, Inc., is fully certified and experienced in all areas of human services. We are flexible enough to meet or exceed any required adjustments while minimizing the impact of government or economic influences.  Our efficiency and reliability is rated among the top in the industry.       

At BSI, we enable and empower clients to organize and coordinate necessary activities for successful life management. We are designed, operated and maintained by one company with clear lines of responsibility and accountability at a single point of contact to resolve most issues.                                                                                                                                                           

We take a hands on approach to the development of marketable skills for our youth while stressing the importance of the proper balance of rest and relaxation.

BSI works with other area social service providers to deliver a comprehensive solution to the problem of insufficient, affordable quality life skill counseling and financial services in our community.


We propose Birthrite Services because it offers a fresh and modernized approach 
to human services, with an old fashioned faith based commitment of attending to people and  
their needs




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