The needs of our seniors are dictated by the rapidly changing of times. It is becoming increasingly difficult if not bordering on the edge of impossible for our seniors to be able to get the basic needed services just for survival.

 Every thing now is on-line, and without the use of computers they are lost.

 In 2020 Covid-19 has been yet another major contributor to this difficulty. Now the at risk population being quarantined at home with limited services while  the employees of the area businesses are working from home it has become virtually impossible to satisfy their needs without the basic computer knowledge.

 Here at Birthrite our goal is to  help our senior population fill that voids with our computer science training for seniors.

  • Online Basics Training - As we adhere to the social distancing regulations in our computer lab, the seniors will learn to arrange doctor's appointments and other medical services, on-line banking, how to shop on-line, on-line bill pay. They will be taught how to send and receive e-mail, use apps to complete telehealth visits with doctors and connect with family members, as well as how to communicate with all the various social service organizations.  
  • Computer Lab Access and Assistance - In addition to limited size group training, Birthrite also provides individual access to our computer lab for seniors needing access to the internet in the lab. One on one assistance is provided (at a distance) for seniors filling out forms or searching for resources.

  • Stress and Depression Prevention - During times of limited human connection and limited transportation services, seniors may experience stress and depression. Seniors receive individual bi-weekly calls and/or video chat sessions. These sessions allow them to speak with a Birthrite care team member on an array of issues they deal with such as stress, coping with loneliness, the need for social engagement, finances, ways to remain physically active at home, etc. Having dependable, caring services is what allows seniors to thrive. Referrals can also be made to appropriate health providers when needed. This engagement is essential to preventing stress and depression in the senior population.
  • Crisis Prevention - In some cases, seniors are unable to attend food and clothing give-aways and need a helping hand in receiving services in the community, even when they are free. In some cases, Birthrite may assist these individuals by dropping off needed items such as face masks and other items donated to the agency or community center. During times of emergencies such as hurricanes, extreme heat/cold seasons, public health outbreaks, seniors benefit greatly from Birthrite's outreach. We provide information and education on the available resources in the community.

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